GenLed Car Key Hidden Mini Camera DVR Digital Video Voice Cam Recorder

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This hidden camera from GenLed is designed to look like a battery-powered remote car door opener and it can be kept on your key chain for easy access.


  • It has an import HD lens that provides a clear image, even when lighting isn’t perfect.
  • It has an auto record function that makes it begin recording as soon as it’s turned on so that it’s always ready for use.
  • It also has auto shut off to save the battery and the video is automatically saved when the unit is powered off.


  • This unit is small enough to carry with you everywhere, allowing you to always have access to a camera when needed
  • It has full HD 1080P DV with anti-shake technology to ensure that video is good quality
  • The 360 degree rotating stent means that it can be used as a car camera if needed
  • It can support a memory card up to 32 GB

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  •  Rechargeable battery will only work for two hours once it’s fully charged
  • The lithium ion battery included is expensive to replace once it stops charging fully

The GenLed Camera would work well for those who find themselves in situations where they need to record an event without others knowing.

This unit deserves a 3.5 stars rating. While it’s small and compact, it may not provide video quality like some other larger cameras.

This device is so small and compact that it can literally be taken everywhere so that you always have access to HD video recording when needed. It has many features that make it functional for anyone who needs a hidden recording device that has plenty of storage capacity and allows you to easily transfer videos to a computer.

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