Coffee Mug Warmer: The Perfect Breakfast Gadget

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Coffee mug warmers might not seem like an obvious breakfast gadget, but while some people might not need a waffle maker, everyone needs a drink of some sort at the breakfast table. Most of us choose tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate, all of which taste better hot — and Mr. Coffee mug warmer keeps them that way.

Coffee Mug Warmer, Breakfast Gadget

Boiling and reheating water for tea and coffee wastes precious minutes each morning, and a typical mug only stays at the perfect drinkable temperature between “scalding hot” and “starting to cool” briefly. With a simple flick of a switch, a coffee mug warmer keeps the drink at the right temperature indefinitely. This also saves several trips back to the kettle or coffeemaker.

While the Mr. Coffee coffee mug warmer makes a great breakfast gadget, it’s equally useful throughout the day. Because it is hardly larger than a coaster, it is easily transported to the office and easily cleaned when needed, making it unnecessary to bring a travel mug to work. With a coffee mug, warmer, that cup of tea or coffee can be refilled throughout the day. It’s much easier to stay awake after a long morning and heavy lunch when there’s always a hot drink on hand.

The perfect coffee mug warmer saves time and prevents waste — never dump a mug of tea or drink coffee with a cold film of oil floating on top again. Switch the handy device on for a more awake morning, and enjoy its company for the rest of the day.

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